Paris Hilton at The Grand Tour To Race Rory Mcllroy

In the episode of The Grand Tour, to be screened on February 8, Paris Hilton and professional golf player Rory Mcllroy will be part of the Celebrity Face Off. The two guests will drive the Jaguar F-Type in an effort to see the fastest on the new show’s circuit, with the idea behind Hilton and Mcllroy’s call to see who is the fastest golfer.

I have always loved cars and racing,” said Paris Hilton while speaking about her lap. “Going around the track was so much fun and being able to drive that fast without having to slow down was exhilarating. By my final lap everything clicked into place and I think Rory and I will be quite close in the race.”

Mcllroy meanwhile added that lapping The Grand Tour track was an “amazing experience,” even in slippery conditions. “As a sportsman, I am fiercely competitive and I know that Paris loves cars too so it wasn’t going to be easy to drive faster than her.”

As for the rest of us, we’ll have to wait until February 8th in order to see which of the two came out on top.